Tuesday, June 10, 2008

YouTube to have Creators sell their own ad space

Listen up all YouTube enthusiasts. You may have even more incentive now to post your view worthy material on YouTube rather than on Vimeo or other video websites. Why you ask? The answer could just make you rich.

Apparently YouTube is going to allow professional content producers to sell their own advertising space. What does this mean? Creators will be in charge of what ads they want surrounding their video or actually embeded in the posted video (at the beginning or end of the post). Being able to choose what ads appear on their video page and what they charge advertisers, wow this sounds great for the creators. But how exactly is this a good thing for YouTube?

This deal makes sense because it provides YouTube with two things that they desire. First, they get a portion of the revenue from the creators selling their ad space. More importantly, YouTube gets exposure in the ad agency world. This will provide incentive to quality content providers to join the YouTube following. More quality videos on the site will bring more advertisers willing to pay for ad space. We have to give props to YouTube on this one, they continue to find unique ways to make money. Plus, we get to benefit in watching all the new stimulating videos. What will you be watching today?


jason said...

thank you for this note.

mn_social_media said...

No problem, now go post some videos and hopefully you can make some dollar signs on the side.