Friday, June 13, 2008

Facebook Surpasses MySpace

No longer does MySpace lead the social networking world. For years MySpace has entertained users with loud images and flashy content. According to TechCrunch, the new leader in social networking is Facebook. With their extremely fast growth, we all knew this day would come. But why?

Why Facebook Excels

Facebook surpassed Myspace in the number of unique visitors worldwide because Facebook was able to do one thing much better than their rival. One thing, is that all? With all the social networking sites having similar purposes and even similar apps, one way to differentiate is all you need. Facebook has a very "eye friendly" layout. The sections of your profile and homepage is clearly sectioned with the famous blue color (that I am sure Facebook is working on patenting). Everytime I visit MySpace, I feel like I have just fallen from a tree and caught every branch in the face before I hit the ground. Honestly, this website is overloaded with advertisements that are incredibly annoying. It feels like I got caught between Pamela and Tommy Lee on a boating trip. Yikes! Sorry for the rant. Poor MySpace, their initial fame and growth eventually became their downfall due to the number of companies buying online ad space. So how did Facebook avoid this deep pit?

Respect Your Consumer

Ask any consumer and they will tell you, they hate being bombarded with advertisements. I am not saying that Facebook does not advertise. Not at all. What I am saying is that Facebook and NotEnoughSpace (you like that) uses online ads in very different ways. Go to the Facebook homepage and tell me how many ads you see. Don't bother, the answer is ZERO. That's right, not even one ad. What about MySpace? They have too many, at the current time of this post they are running movie trailors on the homepage. This is exactly what I am talking about. Consumers do not want to be harassed with these ads. Facebook has respected this and they use ads very subtly. There are some ads but for the most part, especially on your profile, they are not overwhelming in any sense. Thank you Facebook for respecting my little feeling of privacy, my mom could have learned a thing or two from you. And so can MySpace.

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roy said...

It's staggering how Facebook has surpassed myspace. In this day and age with identity theft being at an all time high, everyone enters their real last name? What if I don't feel like sharing that with someone? And what is being punched mean? I'll stick to myspace- straightforward, user-friendly. I'll try facebook when I dont need a templatized profile page either.