Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Wi-Fi Where You Live is Coming

Tired of paying for internet access in your home or tired of having to go to the same coffee shop just to get online? Well your concerns and discomforts will soon be alleviated. Look no further than to California when technology reaches new heights. In San Francisco there is free Wi-Fi availble to all it's citizens. Thanks to Meraki, a South of Market company, people in the bay area are experiencing life as we'd like it. Not because of the great weather or the retreat of Barry Bonds, but because internet access is free!!

What is Meraki doing?

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Meraki is making "repeater antenna" devices and placing them on rooftops, balconies and other open areas throughout the city. These devices, about 15,000 of them, will soon cover the city and provide the bay area population with free Wi-Fi. These citizens can sign up to use this free service if they like, I know I would. Well over 100,000 people in the city will be surfing the net for free by the end of the year.

How Will Meraki Impact You?

First of all, we can look foward to canceling our contracts with Comcast, who I simply despise. As far as getting Meraki to your city, well it could take some time. Right now Meraki is still testing their product on the west coast. Depending on their results, such as how quickly people catch on and if they earn a respecting revenue, Meraki will likely start with highly populated metropolitan locations. The company's goal is to spread like wildfire, no pun intended California. And as for receiving the service for free, again it looks promising but at most we would pay just a fraction of what we are now. The company wants to bring online connectivity to everyone for free so I say to Meraki, "You can tackle the two Twin Cities for the cost of one. Hurry and get over here, my budget desperately needs you."

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