Thursday, June 5, 2008

Forget Craigslist, here comes Walmart Clasifieds!

Craigslist has long lived as the simple and easy way to buy and sell whatever you want. Sometimes this has gotten them in trouble!! For the most part, thanks to Craigslist I have bought and sold thousands of dollars worth of random things such as tickets, clothes and my TV.

But wait. Here comes Walmart. It is like that bad dream you "mom and pap" stores have been experiencing for years. Walmart has introduced Walmart Classifieds, a new competitor to Craigslist. As evil and retched Walmart has become, they might have just made your lives and my life a lot easier. This site lets you search for items just like Craigslist... So what's the difference? The main difference is that Walmart Classifieds takes you to the actual website of the listing when you click on the item you are interested in.

Go on and give it a try, but don't tell Craigslist I suggested it. I am a loyal and proud fan of Craigslist. I have used it for years and will continue to use it. I have always hated the monster corporations, let me say Walmart, for what they stand for and what they destroy. Then again, if Walmart gives me access to better deals and betters finds than Craigslist, I might have to reconsider. Please Craigslist, beware and keep those eager and bitter giants from knocking down your walls. As for now, I'm staying true to good old Craigslist. Learn and live I guess.

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