Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seen the iPod 3G ad?

Is this how Apple really operates?

Of course not, and Apple knows it. I think the ad is hilarious. They are making fun of themselves and the stigma of being this secret powerful organization, which is partially true. Besides from being funny or too serious, either way you are right, the ad only has one strategy.

Buzz Buzz

The Apple ad for their new iPod 3G is all about buzz buzz buzz baby. I have heard people ripping on this company for not showing how many apps or new features are on the phone. People have complained how they want to see the Loopt feature, which is personally one of my favorites. Loopt really created a great feature: it is your social compass. It finds your friends and places a pin on a map to show you exactly where they are. I know, that's sweet. Know you can check to see which of your friends are close by for lunch or if your exgirlfriend was in the area when your house was just demolished by toliet paper (that feature would have been helpful then).

Here is what I say to all those Apple ad critics. This ad is not to show all the new apps or anything like that. They want to get you feeling curious about what it can do. This leads you to where they are really marketing this product. The actual store. Apple has the best plan to market this product by letting people play with it and try it out before ever needing to purchase it. You tell me, after playing with the old iPhone in their store I wanted it more than I ever thought. So watch the add again and share with me what you really think about Apple.

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