Wednesday, June 11, 2008 A New Way to Rate and Review Your Company

I always wished I knew exactly how much my boss was being paid because it has to be way too much. Does this sound familiar? Thanks to an article I read in Business Week, a new website has come to solve that age old question. On anybody can search for the salaries of employees and view ratings and reviews of CEO's at any company including IBM, Google, and many others.

What is

Although finding information on what your competitors and other industry leaders are paying their employees, the real power behind is the ratings and reviews. You might be thinking to yourself why is this so important? Well tune in to this. Businesses have been receiving reviews from newspapers, magazines and online sites for decades. What is special about is that actual employees are rating their CEO and giving a review of their own company. What does this mean for your business and is it good news or bad?

Good News or Bad News

For most of you, this might come as a shock but this is actually great news for your company. If you are runing a business the right way and are treating your employees the way they deserve, your ratings and reviews are going to look fantastic. If you are one of those greedy and power hungry corporations, you are soon to find out what everyone really thinks about you. Overall there are several benefits this site will make to your company.

Having actual employees rating their company is going to let potential clients and potential recruits know what it is like working with your company. This information is desperately sought after by those who want to do business with you. If one knows what the environment is like before entering into business, things are going to run much more swimmingly. Having anonymous ratings on how the company is fairing will make the reviews all the more believable to viewers. Plus, as a business owner you will be receiving free feedback from your employees rather than spending tons of money on employee surveys. Just beware! Your employees are going to be talking about their company and owners better take a look, because everyone else will be.

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Anonymous said...

They are not having actual employees rating the companies they cater to. Right now I know of one site where they have allowed recruiters to post as if they are employees. This skews the real picture horribly! is not being honest or truthful and is not checking who's doing the reviews before they allow them to show up. is not a good site for a real picture of a company at all!