Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best Social Media Campaigns

It is now common for companies to implement social media into their business models, for those who do not have a Facebook page then get with the program. There are other companies that stand out from the rest thanks to their innovative social media campaigns. Here is my list of best social media campaigns in the works.

First Place Goes to Lenovo

Lenovo has come up with a great campaign for advertising during the Olympics. Lenovo has 100 athletes from more than 25 countries and 29 sports signed up to blog at the games to get fans interested (see their blogs by going here). This tactic will increase the Lenovo brand awareness and associate them with the highest level of competition in the Olympics. Congrats, wish I had that idea.

Oreo and YouTube

Second place goes to Oreo, the Nabisco product. They are using this campaign on YouTube to get fans to upload their favorite Oreo moments. Plus, the winner of this contest will have their Oreo video on the YouTube homepage in late August. Pretty cool.

Honorable Mentions

The first honorable mention goes to Red Bull and what they are doing with MEN7. They are launching webisodes on YouTube about extreme sports moments and tricks. The great thing about this is that Red Bull is using YouTube to hopefully get this series picked up on TV.

And my last award for nice try goes to McDonald's Myspace campaign. The idea is great but I am not posting a link for my own personal reasons, simply Mikky Ds is just horrible for you to eat. Don't want to give too much press to stuff that can really do some damage.


Rohit said...


Thanks for choosing our Lenovo campaign as the winner in your blog post ... my team at Ogilvy is really proud to be part of it and excited about the Games. You might also want to check out our client David Churbuck's recent post about this which outlines some of the success factors and strategy behind the idea:

Andy Dunbar said...

Thanks! Your social media campaign for Lenovo and the Olympics should be getting even more praise than it is. I was just doing my best to make sure that happens

David Churbuck said...

Thanks Andy. i appreciate the recognition!

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Hemant said...

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Jacy Thomas said...

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